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       With the development of science and technology, more and more consumers are not only limited to the multi-function of electronic products, but also pursue fashionable appearance and small and thin shape. The unique advantages of pogo pin connector can help structure designers to solve the problems of structure design space and connector standard, pogo pin connector Gradually becoming the primary and basic consideration of product structure designers.           

         At present, our products have been successfully used in a wide range of product areas: smart wear, Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth speaker, electronic cigarettes, smart phones, military communications, aerospace electronics, medical equipment, portable electronic products           

         What structural engineers are looking for is the excellent space saving ability due to the ultra short and ultra small size in the design, coupled with the addition and multiplication of electroplating technology, our connector has excellent conductivity, high frequency characteristics and very low conduction impedance. In addition, the design of the spring in the connector ensures stable elasticity and hundreds of thousands of life stability! Based on the excellent performance of pogo pin connector, it is solving the connection technology that traditional spring connector can't solve.         

         More and more product structure engineers are gradually recognizing and understanding it. In many high-end product areas, pogo pin connector is rapidly devouring and replacing the traditional fragment connector market, and gradually becoming the mainstream of technology! Famous Apple Inc. has used pogo pin connector to realize transmission and conduction on the whole series of macbooks, including power supply, data transmission and signal transmission.

+86-755-8956 4959