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Product Specification



   A. Electrical

     1) Operating voltage: 12V.

     2) Operating current: 3.5A.

     3) Contact resistance: 30mohm Max.

        at working height(Quiescence).

   B. Mechanical

     1) Total stroke: 1.10mm.

     2) Working position: 4.5mm. 

     3) Spring Force:75±25gf at working height

     4) Mechanical life: 10,000 cycle min.  

     5) Don't exceed the Max. allowed compression

   C. Material/Finish

     1) Plunger: Brass, Plating Min. 0.25um Au over Min. 1.4um Ni.

     2) Barrel: Brass, Min. Plating 0.1um Au over Min. 1.4um Ni.

     3) Spring: Stainless steel wire.

     4) Housing:PA 4.6 + 30% GLASS FIBER; BLACK(UL94V-0)

   D. Environmental

     1) Storage and operating temoperature range:


     2) Humidity range: 10% RH to 90% RH

     3) Salt spray: 48H

   E. Others

     1) The dimensions marked    are critical,

        Should be checked in production

     2) RoHs compliant product. 


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