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Amos 2021 Electronica China Shanghai successful conclusion


On April 16, 2021, the three-day 20th Munich Shanghai Electronics Exhibition came to a successful conclusion. As a professional manufacturer of Pogo Pin Connectors, Shenzhen Amos Science and Technology Co., Ltd. carries the company's full range of products to "dress up"



At the exhibition, Amos showed its customers Pogo Pins, Pogo Pin Connectors, Pogo Pin Magnetic Connectors, CNC lathe Automatic Lathe Precision Hardware Products etc……


Amos products have been widely used in Smart Wearable Devices, Smart Positioning Devices, Children's Smart Bracelets, Smart Watches, Smart Robots, UAV, Wearable Mobile Phones, Bluetooth Headsets, Data Lines, Charging Lines, Magnetic Wire Terminal Connectors; Aerospace, Military Communications and Military Electronics; Automotive, Vehicle Navigation, Testing and Measuring Equipment; Medical Equipment, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Line Equipment, Data Communication Equipment, Elecommunication Equipment, Automation and Industrial Equipment; Consumer Electronics (Printers, Mobile Phones, Computers, Cameras, Audio-Visual Equipment, PDA etc……) 


The technical team and sales team of Amos had an in-depth discussion with the on-site customers on the performance, advantages and application characteristics of the company's products, and the on-site atmosphere was extremely warm

+86-755-8956 4959