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Pogo Pin Connector Industrial


Pogo Pin Connector is a kind of connection carrier widely used in electronic equipment. Its development mainly depends on the product advantages of Pogo Pin Connector, such as: high current transmission, high strength corrosion resistance, ultra-long service life, stable transmission, space saving, precise contact, etc

The unique performance of these traditional connectors makes the Pogo Pin Connector popular among more and more product structure designers

Therefore, the Pogo Pin Connector has been widely used in many fields, such as:

1. Intelligent wearable devices, intelligent positioning devices, smart bracelets, smart watches, intelligent robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, wearable mobile phones, TWS Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth speaker, data cable, charging cable, magnetic suction board wire end connector, etc

2. Aviation, aerospace, communications and electronics

3. Medical equipment, wireless equipment, data communication equipment, telecommunication equipment, automation and industrial equipment

4. Automobile, vehicle navigation, test and measurement equipment

5. Consumer electronics, such as mobile phones, computers, cameras, audio-visual equipment, printers, etc

+86-755-8956 4959