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Industry News

Development of Mobile Connector Industry


Mobile phone connector is an important electronic component in mobile phone. Its quality is directly related to the quality of mobile phone and the reliability of its use. Most of the after-sales quality problems of mobile phones are also mostly related to connectors. The types of connectors used in mobile phones vary slightly according to their products. The average number of connectors used is about 5-9. The product types can be divided into internal FPC connector, board to board connector, external I / O connector, battery, SIM card connector, camerasocket, etc. Influenced by the market demand of 3G mobile phones and smart phones, the current development direction of mobile phone connector is: low height, small pitch, multi-function, good electromagnetic compatibility, coexistence of standardization and customization. FPC connector FPC connector is used to connect LCD display to drive circuit (PCB).

At present, it is mainly 0.4mmpitch product, and 0.3mmpitch product has been widely used. With the recent trend that LCD drivers are integrated into LCD devices, the number of FPC pins will be correspondingly reduced, and relevant products have appeared in the market. In the long run, FPC connector is expected to be integrated with other mobile phone components in the framework of mobile phone or LCD module in the future. Board to board connector the development trend of the board to board connector in mobile phones is that the pin spacing and height are getting smaller and smaller. At present, it is mainly 0.4mmpitch, which will gradually develop to 0.35mm or even smaller. In the future, it requires lower height and shielding effect. At the same time, the height of BTB (board to board connector) is gradually reduced to 0.9mm. I / O connector I / O connector is one of the most important access channels in mobile phones, including the connection of power supply and signal.

The reduction of volume and product standardization will be the main direction of future development. At present, circular and MINIUSB connectors are widely used. Microusb connector for mobile phone is becoming standardized with the promotion of EU and GSM Association. At present, the mainstream of the market is 5pin. Because each mobile phone manufacturer has its own mobile phone scheme, the development trend of the combination of standardization and customization of microusb connector has appeared. At the same time, the development trend of headphone connector has been the same.

In 2012, microusb will be mainly used as charging in foreign countries Nokia, moto, SEMC and other mobile phone manufacturers have begun to take substantial steps. In the future, the connector is required to be thinner, with visual effect and waterproof function. The card connector is mainly composed of 6pin SIM card connector and T-Flash connector. In the future, the development direction is to improve the shielding function and thickness of the SIM card connector, to reach the minimum of 0.50mm ultra-low thickness. At the same time, the card connector products are oriented to multi-functional development, and there are two in one products of SIM card connector and T-Flash connector in the market. Battery connector the battery connector can be divided into spring type and knife type.

The trend of battery connector technology is miniaturization, new battery interface, low contact impedance and high connection reliability. In the aspect of camerasocket connector, it is widely used by foreign manufacturers such as Nokia. Camerasocket connector can provide good electromagnetic shielding for camera module, which is convenient for maintenance of camera module. In the future, standardization and customization coexist. At the same time, in the process of production and testing of mobile phone connector, the requirements of plug-in resistance and electromagnetic compatibility of connector products are improved.

Shenzhen Amos Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has developed high-end products with reliable quality, such as camerasocket series connector and T-Flash connector, among which T-Flash connector is SMT free from faulty soldering, good card pushing feel and reliable card locking. BTB connector uses imported titanium copper bending terminal, with small voltage drop, good plug and pull feel, excellent plug and pull times. The female terminal has exposed nickel area to avoid the problem of tin climbing. The overall dimension and pcblayout are consistent with Panasonic and Kyocera products. 0.4pictch2.0hbtb has been developed and tested at present.

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