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Our Advantage

1.Professional Customized Service

Different products and solutions can be designed according to different customer requirements.

2.Rapid Sample Response

The standard products need 2-3 days, the new samples need 7 days, and the new molding products need 15 days.

3. Strict Quality Control System

The concept of quality first runs through the entire production and inspection process, and strictly controls each process to ensure the quality of customer satisfaction.

4. Processed with Imported Parts

A small part of the needle shaft is made of imported precision lathe, and most of the needle shafts are made by imported cold stamping. Provide higher stability.

5. High Precision Test Equipment

Provide accurate and precise testing to continuously improve product quality.

6. Reasonable Cost Control Program

Save costs, eliminate waste, optimize processes, and highlight cost competitiveness.




+86-755-8956 4959